David Dudley, PMP, PE

  • Project Management and Consulting
  • Infrastructure/Public Works
  • Relationships/Communications
  • Business Development/Sales
  • Staff Mentoring
  • Budgets/Cost Estimates
  • Capital Improvement Projects
  • Feasibility/Engineering Studies
  • Grants/Funding


Infrastructure: Roadways, Storm Drainage, Detention Facilities, Water Distribution Systems, Sanitary Sewer Collections Systems, Grading. Pump Stations, Lift Stations, Multi-Use Trails, Commercial/Residential Developments, Streetscaping, Bridge Approaches/Bank Stabilization, and Levee Experience.

Project Development: Preparation of Plans, Contract Documents, Technical Specifications, Rights-of-Way/Easements, Cost Estimates, Flood Plain Management, Environmental Process, Soliciting Bids, Contract Execution; compliance with Caltrans, CEQA, Conditions of Approval, Agency Standards, and EIR.

Construction Process: Bidding Process, Construction Oversight, Change Orders, SWPPP, and Erosion Control.

Software: Excel, PowerPoint, Project Schedule, and AutoCAD (Intermediate Level)

Funding: Grant Applications, Engineering Reports, Feasibility Studies, and Technical Writing.

Personality: Positive Attitude, Hard Work Ethic, Staff Mentoring, Dedicated, Reliable, and Results-Oriented Team Player. Outstanding written and verbal communication and public speaking skills.

Marketing: A knack for establishing and developing mutually-beneficial strategic relationships. Proposals, Business Development, Project Interviews, and Sales.

Collaboration: Experience in working well with DOT, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, FEMA, DEQ, FHWA, Water Resources Board, Counties, Cities, Water/Sewer Districts, Private Sector, and others at all levels and disciplines.


My Dad was a Civil Engineer. As a result, I grew up in the industry. I recall visiting many construction sites over the years with my Dad. He would also take me to many meetings. I would frequently hang out in the office whereby employees would often show me what they were working on. When I was in middle school my Dad started his own engineering firm. He ran his 20-person design firm for over 25 years. The majority of his business consisted of the public sector infrastructure projects.   So, in essence, I have been looking at engineering plans and exposed to project development as far back as I can remember.

I spent several summers during my high school and college years working on a survey crew. I also worked as a construction laborer for three years before heading off to college, and periodically during college my college years. Those opportunities gave me hands-on real world experience.

In my professional life, I served as a City Engineer and Public Works Director for a fast-growing mid-size City for several years; which I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot. Additionally, I have worked as a Project Manager on countless projects for both the public and private sectors. I also served as the Construction Manager on the famous Oklahoma Aquarium project. Other super cool projects I have been involved in include a multi-story go-kart facility with three intertwining tracks, a $5M caviar aquaculture farm, a 42-mile $1.5B levee project, a downtown revitalization project, multi-use trails, a super large traffic intersection, road widening projects, a city park, river bank stabilization projects, city-wide sanitary sewer system improvements, stormwater detention facilities, county-wide water distribution improvements, a tree arboretum, a fishing pond for the Dept. of Wildlife, numerous subdivisions and commercial developments, pump stations, water and wastewater treatment facilities, an arboretum, and many other really neat projects (large and small).

I have been blessed to have worked with many wonderful people over the years, as well a wide range of different projects. As a result, I fully understand the entire project development process, from complicated funding arrangements through design, to bidding, as well as construction management, to the close out audit. I have an enormous amount of experience working with all regulating agencies through a project’s review and approval phases. I enjoy working with public officials, the project team, developers, funding administrators, contractors, and the general public.

My experience and skill set enables me to streamline complicated projects; whereby I help public officials, or the development community, efficiently progress projects from start to finish. I have been complemented more than once for identifying issues and successfully resolving them before they become a severe problem. One of the things that brings me a lot of joy is obtaining grant funding for a much needed project.

I have a proven history of successfully working with regulating agencies such as DOT, Local and State governments, USCE, and FEMA. I have lots of experience with SWPPPs, Conditions of Approval, NPDES, NEPA, Rights-of-Ways, Easements, utility companies, and every other piece of a project. I am well-versed in O&M procedures, all types of project reports, inspections, written and oral communication, planning, organizing, and leading projects and teams. I fully recognize that there are many issues that must be considered during the review process that are not so black and white, including air quality during construction, safety, borrow and disposal site locations, construction traffic control, ensuring adjacent properties are not negatively impacted, etc.

I have an extensive background in public infrastructure (capital improvement projects: storm water collection systems, detention facilities, streets, water distribution systems, sanitary sewer collection systems, multi-use trails, streetscaping, pump stations, erosion control, utility relocation, roadways, etc.). I also have valuable and successful experience with private projects, including environmentally friendly parking lots, commercial developments, parks, detention/retention facilities, subdivisions, RV parks, aquaculture farms, aquaponics, and other land development projects.

I enjoy writing feasibility studies, grant writing, producing engineer reports, directing surveys, gathering field data, preparing cost estimates, designing to standards/regs, preparing status reports, communicating with clients & public agencies, preparation of QUALITY design plans, writing specs, preparing bid docs, facilitating the bidding process, executing contracts, overseeing construction, solving problems, and efficiently closing out a project.

The school of ‘hard knocks’ has trained me to be proficient at simultaneously working with multiple agencies, juggling multiple projects, understanding regulations/permits/standards/COA/grant criteria & other parameters, staying within the scope of work, remaining within budget, successfully working with others, and effectively meeting deadlines.

I most enjoy working with people and accomplishing goals. I obtain a great amount of satisfaction spearheading a project successfully through development as efficiently as possible and seeing it come to fruition as a quality product.


Integrity, persistence and a positive attitude underscore professional success when it comes to completing capital improvement projects, meeting deadlines staying within budgets and achieving objectives on high profile infrastructure projects. These traits have enabled me to provide exceptional results.

I embrace a commitment to all project stakeholders, have an eagerness to provide assistance to others, am a team player, have a strong work ethic, abide by solid principles, pay attention to details, plan and set goals accordingly, harness creative thinking, practice effective communication, value being organized, implement effective time management skills in the pursuit of objectives, work hard to meet extraordinary engineering demands, enjoy solving problems, demonstrate an excellent level of professionalism, provide exemplary service, establish the critical path, utilize all available resources, and partner with others, when necessary, to accomplish goals.