I am well-versed in efficiently executing projects in accordance with all applicable criteria:

  • All Local, State, and Federal Regulations and Standards

  • Specific Plan

  • Conformance with the Tentative Map

  • Right-of-ways and Easements


  • Department of Transportation (DoT)

  • Cost Estimates based upon your Regional Prices

  • Conditions of Approval

Civil Engineering Services

Efficient and Effective Civil Engineering Services, Quick Turnaround, Quality Product

Engineering Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) provides a wide array of civil engineering services. I have the expertise and proven methods in which to successfully execute a diversity of projects. Additionally, I have the connections to bring in additional resources as needed for any project.

I am a reliable seasoned professional with an abundance of industry experience. I execute projects using a systematic approach that produces a quality product with optimal efficiency, and a quick turnaround. All completed projects undergo a stringent quality control process before being released.

EIS provides a breadth of versatility, technical knowledge, and the skills for a streamline process which enables all parties to be more successful.


I take pride in providing a product that can be successfully constructed. I assist owners, public agencies, private developments, funding administrators, regulatory agencies, and general contractors to reduce RFI’s and change orders. My approach helps all stakeholders minimize the risk of costly changes and saves valuable time in construction schedules.

Oklahoma Aquarium
Oklahoma Aquarium
Sewer System Improvements for RSD #1, Rogers, OK

Stakeholder Focus

I approach each project with a positive attitude, enthusiasm, an open mind to new ideas, and flexibility. I take pride in my ability to adapt to the needs of each project while maintaining integrity and proficiency.

I thoroughly enjoy participating in a collaborative effort with others. As an experienced civil engineering professional and project manager, I appreciate the fact that no two individuals or projects are identical. With a collaborative approach, I diligently strive to serve the needs of all project stakeholders.

Schedule-critical projects with funding limitations require a hard work ethic, quick solutions to problems, and creative thinking to maximize efficiency, respect budget constraints, and successfully beat deadlines. I have a great deal of experience as an engineer of record for major design projects for both the private and public sectors, which better enables me to implement a productive and efficient interactive approach in order to accomplish the project objectives. I make it a point never to lose focus on the major critical project elements such as stakeholder satisfaction, a quality product deliverable, responsive and proactive service, budget, and schedule.